Car Games 2.3.1

Partake in several races on a handful of racetracks

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Get behind the wheel of a car to test your driving skills.

There are multiple car games that you can download that give you a realistic look at what it's like behind the wheel of a car. Drive fast cars in championships across the world, or test your technical skills like parking and passing cars on the Interstate. See what it's like to race in NASCAR or in Indy cars. These will give you a faster experience on the road while racing against several other drivers, some who will try to wreck you and run you off the track. Many of the games that you can download have amazing details that let you look at the inside of the car as well as explore the graphics of the outside of the car.

Other car games involve you trying to reach a goal. When you start a game, you are given a task to complete. This task could be getting money from someone, getting to a business or finding someone to get information in order to progress through the game. You aren't driving against other people, but you will have obstacles in your way like blocked roads. There is also a chance that you will wreck your car. Bus Driver is an example of a game where you don't drive a car. Instead, you are in control of a bus driving through a city. Drop off passengers after you pick them up, and try to avoid getting in a wreck as you navigate narrow streets. Some of the games are like an arcade game with poor graphics and limited options. These are still fun to play if you need something to pass time.


  • Several options in games
  • Some have amazing graphics
  • Fun to play


  • Some are slow to download
  • Longer games take up a lot of memory

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